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The ”Phenomenalog” enterprise, and the endeavours associated with it, come from an intricate  and very deep root-network converging in the firm establishment of a basic conceptual structure, and the delivery of a freeware redesignable open source qualitative research tool with an unexpected wide spectrum of application-areas.

What we are presenting : ”The phenomenalogging”  is difficult to conceptualise because it never resembles itself, but, in its nature is always anchored in some kind of oikosphere, -a home- embedded in a NOW and HERE ,and a living person: a ME and A SELF, embedded i his/her particular networks of contemporary OTHER’s

The research behind it is linking back into an extended historical network of qualitative research methods and research, in Arts and Letters, Philosophy, Psychology, Ethnography and Computer Science.

It has, among its roots, the long cultural history of "The Intimate Diary” and its blooming and branching out during the last 500 years of the second milennium.( ref. tristine rainer)

It has, among its roots, a century of development of  Phenomenology, through Husserl & Heidegger to Alfred Schutz, and progressing refinements of empirically phenomenological research methods

And it has, among its roots, the history of symbols and signs, hieroglyphs, picture-letter penwriting, ASCII-letters and fonts, as well as multitudes of pictogram signs , throughout almost all regions of the postmodern society, from traffic to pedagogical tools of communication.

From these many roots the stem of the present enterprise has grown, and the branches, which it is now going to grow out in various directions, seem to be quite numerous.

I have tried to grow a tree of ramifications, pointing to the differently motivated target-groups, immediately coming into sight, the moment the understanding of phenomenalogging  begins to dimmer in the horizont,

We hope for a benign growth of multidimensional phenomenalogging , ramifying soon across previous barriers of race, religion, education or  language

Below you can inspect the preliminary result.

And you can also inspect, how I have started to schetch an intermediate branching to more general platforms for the announcements concerning this new tool, its freware and crossplatform availability, eventually across borders and into a international stagesetting scenery of medias and NEWS , on a more global scale.

 (One of the weeknesses of the preliminary version 16.5.0 of Phenomenalog is that it is still only arranged for left-to-right writing, which unfortunately prevent its easy translation to arabic, - until help arrives)

Here you also find reference to this actual site, where you find this text and these illustrations.

The meaning of this site is to provide an original  platform amongst those, who want to discuss and contribute to the improvement and spread of the research tool, so that the creativity which the tool enfosters can converge back to the soil from which the instrument is grown and further will be cultivated, as destined  to be brought through at least its first fruitful few pre-school years of maturation and proliferation.

Conceptualizing the retorics, with the pointers to inherent value commitment and multidimensional perspectivity and horizons, may give cues for future headlines,interviews, conversations,  dialogues and conferences